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Gentleman Doctors DVD Extras: A Historic Look at Gay San Francisco

Hi, group. I was looking at all my research, and I thought some of this stuff might be interesting to you readers. I've got pix that "illustrate" the Gentleman Doctors series, and I'll share with you my research that helped me accurately depict what life was like for Hawk and Beej in pre-Harvey Milk San Francisco.

Click through the photo and then click on the first pic to see Gentleman Doctors in photos, with explanations:
Gentleman Doctors


On the internet, the earliest gay history I can find goes back to WWII. Pages like this do a good job of showing the rise of the Castro District -- nee` Eureka Valley -- as a gay mecca starting then. Actual paper books, however, do go farther into the past, making a case that the wild wild west was always a place for misfits, two guys in a one-man tent, and prospectors getting up as girls in the all-male camp dance. Nothing comes from nothing.

I always wanted to use historic bath houses in a plot, but it hasn't come up yet. They were a center of gay life from before the turn of the century, but really became a legitimate, above the table hangout in the 50s and 60s. Hawk def has been to one in New York and is probably itching to find a non-fetishy one in San Fran.


I just found this site that has awesome before and after pix of the Cliff House, where BJ avoids his wife in the very opening scene of the How it Happened arc. I picked this place because of the symbolism: there were 4 cliff houses, each one a monumental failure only 10 or 20 years after it was built. Every plan that was made there was washed away by the rain, an earthquake, or the sea. The whole site has a post apocalyptic feel now, so it seemed very apropo a setting for a man who felt he was losing everything.


Several times, I almost included links to Youtube vids, but I decided that with posting to alternate forums, I couldn't keep up a whole multimedia project. (BTW, the graphic artwork in "Let's All Go to the Movies" and "Dot Dot Dot" was done by my good friend Jessa. I have one more sketch from her for use in the net story, "The Words." She and I had a great time collaborating as a sort of re-bonding thing after we lost touch for a few months.)

Music is important to me and sets the stage for most of my emotional scenes. Clair de Lune by Debussy was for the research scene in "5 Ways BJ and Hawkeye..." Whenever Hawkeye puts on jazz, he's listening to Jimmy Giuffre. Natch, Hawk and Erin do the "Happy Talk" hand gestures together; and, finally: the first song Hawk and Beej danced to.

Thanks to you all for reading! I know you're out there. It's been so much fun to work on this. I feel like I'm at a halfway point; I have said so much already, but I still have a few more stories to tell.
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Always love your DVD extras! OMG, that photo album is just too cool. I know all about the Painted Ladies of SF, but when I picture these guys living in Calif., I picture them in a ranch house (but in a Victorian if they're living in Maine). I dunno why. I love the green kitchen, that is sooo 1950s.

And seriously, I had a pair of roller skates exactly like that. Yes, I am waaaay old, I know.

And Margaret, with the sword of power - LOL! Awesome!!

Thanks for sharing all this, it was great fun to peruse. People are reading, don't worry! :-)
Ranch house, really? I guess I've put all the action on the bottom floor... I haven't seen any sprawling homes here -- there's no where to sprawl to! Everything is stacked up.
Ranchers can be small (mine is). I dunno, when I think "out west" and suburb (oh, I place them in Mill Valley as opposed to the city), I think ranchers and bungalows. (shrug?) I don't necessarily know what I'm talkin' about, of course.

Oh, I see. Well, GD Hawk and Beej are in the north part of the city, North Beach.
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